Friday, August 14, 2009

AIMEE NASH / The Black Ryder
So I Still have a hopeless crush on Aimee Nash!, ex Guitarist for The Morning After Girls and current Guitars/Songwriting/Vocals in THE BLACK RYDER, they are majestically brilliant enough to keep you entertained until My Bloody Valentine drop their (long, long promised) new bomb of an album, big call I know but this is the real fucking deal (just check who is playing on this record for proof of that), dirty, beautiful, heavy shoegaze psychedelia (just like they don't make no more), If this band are hyped (and hey they aren't having trouble selling out shows without an  album released yet... then its deserved, and fuck you, THIS BAND NEED TO RUN THEIR COURSE with yer support,  drugs of choice at the ready... BUY THE TICKET, TAKE THE RIDE... do them proud and make me a happy man. on behalf of me and Static Migration Records... do the right thing.

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